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People booked into the Multnomah County OR Jail are considered innocent until proven guilty. Data should not be used to ascertain guilt. We make no warranty or guarantees as to the accuracy of this data. This data is collected as is from public agencies. Please validate accuracy of information with the source provider.

These mugshots are considered public record and were found on Multnomah County Jail website. Click the images for a large picture with name & charges. Portland Oregon is awesome.

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Note: Alluding to any kind of legal action when contacting us WILL NOT foster a quicker response. Our email queue is several 1000 deep at anytime. Emails are read in the order that they are received.

These are the most common questions people seem to ask:

Will you remove a mugshot?

While we are not under any obligation to do so, we will remove information the charges resulted in nolle prosequi or a not guilty verdict. We typically remove stuff if it was a silly non-crime violation like public intoxication/dog leash/traffic ticket failure to appear kind of thing. Please email your name and scanned paperwork (and/or a case ID number) to the email address listed below. If an individual is deceased, we will also remove their information. And often, a very simple polite email will go a long way regardless of status.

Due to an an ever-increasing and overwhelming volume of requests, it will take over 4 weeks before we are able to read your email. Sending multiple emails day after day will not hasten the process, it will simply slow down the process for you and everyone else.

Also note: it is helpful if you actually include the person's name AS IT APPEARS on our website. Otherwise, the response time will be even longer, since we would have no clue who you are referencing.

Earliest estimated day when we would be able to read your email request: Monday Mar 14th

99% of the time we are perfectly reasonable, but bear in mind we are under zero obligation to remove anything.

If you want to make legal threats and/or cite Oregon HB3467 in some vain effort to prove that you earned your law degree from Google University, we suggest that you read Oregon HB3467 thoroughly. It does not apply to us as we do NOT charge a fee for removal. Seriously, a simple polite request will suffice.

I have emailed you several times. Why won't you respond?

We receive 100s of emails every day, and we spend several hours reading them in the order that they are received. Odds are, we still haven't even read your initial email yet. Once your email has been read, your request will be most likely granted.

I want a mugshot deleted immediately. Can I pay you to expedite the process?

We are asked this several times a day and unfortunately it is not an option. There are numerous 3rd party "Mugshot Removal" companies that claim that they can delete information from our sites, but they simply charge you for what you could do for free (see above) and you still end up waiting a month for something to get done.

That said, the only companies that would have any success in removing a mugshot within 24 hours are and

Google recommends using an Internet reputation repair company to remove unwanted content from appearing in the search engines, below is a company that advertises with us who specializes in online reputation repair for removing unwanted content from the Internet - (paid advertiser)

I represent a reputation management/mugshot removal company. Can we pay you for backend access, or work out some sort of secret deal?

No we can not. Best of luck to you.

How far back do the mugshots go?

That depends on the website. Most are no older than 2010.

Can you tell me more about the person in the mugshot or how I go about contacting them?

Probably not. All information is public record. The data comes from the Sheriff's office. You would need to contact your county clerk or local law enforcement's public information sepcialist.

My Friend/Spouse/Relative/Enemy was arrested. Why are they not on the website?

We don't have a specific answer to that. We publish whatever data is released by the sheriff department. Sometimes our servers crash and don't capture the data. Sometimes it becomes corrupted in transit. Other times, the sheriff's office hasn't released the data. And yet other times, a profile has been removed after receiving a request to do so.

It would be fun to make comments about people. Why don't you have that function?

It is not fair to the arrestee. Otherwise, we would have every dimwit with a torch and a pitchfork speculating on guilt while having zero facts. It opens up room for libelous rancor with zero responsibility. For those who are who were arrested falsely, it only hurts them more. We will not facilitate mob mentality on our websites.

Are you associated with the Sheriff's office?

We have absolutely no association with any government agency.

How do I contact the website operators?

Removal requests should be sent to Remember, it can take up to 30 days before we are even caught up enough to read the email. Please make sure that you include the MUG_ID# from the mugshot page with your request.

Technical issues should be addressed to (note: The webmaster will only forward removal requests to the removal queue, it will not speed up the process)

If you are a member of the media, please see below.

Will you allow me to interview you for my article/broadcast?

Please contact our public relations department

That should about cover it.

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